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Just for Fun : What We Got This Week

We tend to go a little overboard when choosing items to buy for our home and family – we want things that function well, look good, and fit within a given budget. Everything must check AT LEAST two of those boxes, but ideally we’ll hit all three. This usually means that we spend WAY too much time researching and reading reviews, but whatevs – our obsession is your gain, right?

What We Got This Week

We finally took the plunge and got a steam mop to help with the wood floors

This is Jim’s favorite cleaner. He uses it for everything (including skin?)

Kobalt 36-in Landscape Rake in the Lawn ...

I had a hard time wrapping my head around spending this much on a rake, but trust me, it’s a must have if you’re doing landscaping work

EZ Straw 2.5 cu ft Brown Organic Bagged ...

Some of our grass seed was washed away last time, so we’re hoping this stuff makes our new efforts more successful

*Not a doctor* but I will tell you that this stuff has genuinely helped with the anxiety I get at certain times in my cycle – it’s been a game changer

All the ease and convenience of a claw clip, but no big handle to keep you from resting your head back!



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