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Chris Loves Julia Room Makeover: What’s Up With That?

It’s been a hot minute, as we used to say circa 2004, since we updated you on the Chris Loves Julia One-Room Makeover, and a few of you have been reaching out with questions, so let’s just dive right into all that while the water’s still warm. 

After the initial Zoom call with Julia, I let her know about this quaint little blog we’ve got goin’ on here so that she and her team would be aware that we’ll be sharing the inside scoop here with you fine folks. 

Since they are not only highly talented but also highly professional, we took a few weeks to work out a small contract to make sure everyone is on the same page with sharing (or not sharing, as the case may be) details, plans, and photos with our respective audiences…some larger than others 😉 

If you’re not already aware, Julia and her team (including two of her sisters!) run a little side gig called Good Influence(r), which helps share knowledge and elevate industry standards for both brands and content creators. And by “side gig,” I mean “yet another successful and highly influential, income-generating business.” Figuring out contracts and image/media usage is literally What They Do, and I once again stand in awe and admiration of how these folks do big things and make it look easy.

But I digress. 

What’s Next

Now that paperwork has been finalized and signed (which was also slowed a bit by some vacations/work trips on their end, and the many, many offspring on ours), the ball can officially start rolling. Be not afraid; you’ll still get the full spectrum of our experience on our Insta, Facebook, and this here blog (we’re too decrepit and tired for tiktok?). We’ll also be coordinating with CLJ to share fun stuff over the next couple of months, so be sure to follow Julia to see all the things happening on her end of things.

The makeover itself should take place in mid summer, and they say they’ll be bringing their whole team. I’m not sure how many people that actually entails, but we’ll be sure to stock up on toilet paper and nugget ice.

As far as we know, the next thing we’ll see is a Mood Board where we can get an idea of what this room looks like in Julia’s head. This is only one of several different projects going on with CLJ, so in the meantime, we’ve got a post or two lined up to tell you a little more about our current issues with the room, as well as what we do like in there and have imagined doing “one day” if time and budgets were infinite.

Got any questions? Leave a comment and let us know…



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