Charlotte House living room - pre-makeover
What's Up This Week

What’s Up This Week: Scheduling Our First Zoom Call with Julia PLUS: What We’re Most Excited About

It’s been about two weeks since we learned we were chosen as the winners of Chris Loves Julia’s One Room Makeover Giveaway, and we are super stoked about what’s coming up.

Not that we know exactly what that is, yet. 

This week will be our first Zoom meeting with Julia herself, and aside from knowing the general mid-summer date range of the makeover, we don’t have many details of how all this will be going down. We’re also not sure if there will be any restrictions about what we can share on our end, but we’re hoping to keep you all looped in with as much about our own experience as we can. 

What Jack is Looking Forward To

Obviously I can’t wait to see the finished space, because the living room is a puzzle I can’t seem to figure out and I’m out of the bandwidth required to do so. But I’m also really excited to “see how the sausage is made,” so to speak.

Aside from the beautiful spaces Julia creates, she and Chris have put together a team that generates so much amazing content for those of us that love home renovation and design. I have a background in writing and marketing, and have learned through the process of renovating Charlotte House that I am mildly obsessed with architectural design, so Chris Loves Julia is basically a convergence of many of the things that I love.

I have honestly daydreamed about being a “fly on the wall” and watching the CLJ team in action because I’m so impressed and inspired by what they do. I must have been wearing some manifestation pants when we entered this giveaway, because this whole thing is literally a dream come true. (In other news: Manifestation Pants for sale, slightly used). 

What Jim is Looking Forward To

A more comfortale place to lay down. Also maybe doing the built-ins we’ve talked about, and finally getting the entertainment bit fleshed out better. We’ve already wired for speakers and whatnot, but still haven’t set anything up.

What are YOU Looking Forward To? 

We can’t wait to get started and share this experience with you guys, so if there are any burning questions you have, post them in the comments below or holler at us on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll see what we can do! 

Necessary(-ish) Things This Week

Jack’s Pixel Phone

Just realized we need to download the Zoom app…

Brow Pencil

So Jack can pretend she has eyebrows on our call

DRAM CBD Sparkling Water

Delicious & perfect for fangirl jitters

Manifestation Pants

They have pockets!



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