What's Up This Week

What’s Up This Week: All Things Outside (Including That Old Christmas Tree) PLUS: Family Pictures

We have so much exterior work to do on Charlotte House, it’s almost embarrassing.  I say “almost embarrassing” because we’re pretty shameless around here, but it definitely looks like a fraternity might still live here from the outside. It doesn’t help that our Christmas tree is still on the front porch, but I digress…

Addressing Our Inferior Exterior

Our goal this Spring and Summer is to tackle a couple of big exterior items on our extraordinarily long list, primarily the driveway install and painting/repairing the house stucco and trim.

As much as we’d like to do everything ourselves, we barely have time for lunch these days, so we’re giving in and looking for help. This week we’re meeting with someone to help us work on some exterior paint colors. We’re having a professional consultation, actually… almost like adults who do things properly.

We’re also lining up some other contractor meetings to do the heavy lifting with hardscapes and fencing. 

That being said, we will put some grass seed down ourselves (**insert slow clap here**).

Jim is a lunatic and therefore spent literal hours looking up the absolute BEST grass seed for our area, so we’ll get to see how just how absurd that use of time was over the next couple of months. We’ll keep you posted once we get the seed down and see what happens, but maybe I should make him finally throw out that Christmas tree first.


We’re also taking some family pictures this week. We do them twice a year and always do our Spring pictures at home, which means Ms. Charlotte will be super duper clean and lovely. We’d like to say to the same for our children, but we make no guarantees in that department.

Coordinating outfits for seven people is an adventure all its own, but we managed to sort it out so we only had to buy one new toddler shirt. Are there trophies for that kind of thing? I feel like we earned one.

Hopefully that all goes well, which is likely since we’re all gorgeous around here, but wish us luck anyway. It will be the twins’ first family photo shoot, so we’re excited to officially document their arrival to the circus squad!

Necessary(-ish) Things This Week

Grass Seed

The absolute best most incredible grass seed available today. At least it better be.

Kids Henley Shirt

The sole purchase for this week’s photo shoot. 10% chance it doesn’t even make it into the pics.

Exterior Sconce

One of the only exterior upgrades we finished, these illuminate our lingering porch tree nicely & happen to be on sale this week!



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