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Easter Inspiration: Something for Everyone

Easter! That chocolate-and-sugar injection that holds the kids over from Christmas to Halloween.

Also, Jesus (if you’re into that kinda thing. And if not…bunnies!)

I was so unbelievably prepared this year that I not only got stuff for the kids’ baskets, but I also ordered actual baskets to put said stuff into.

Truth be told, we’ve been using cardboard Amazon boxes for the last several years, and if I was feeling really fancy, I’d maybe even empty out a fabric-covered bin I’d found on a bookshelf somewhere.

So yeah, major Easter upgrade going on over here. To commemorate my got-it-togetherness, here’s a roundup of all the good stuff we got, plus a few all-time favorites from years’ past you might find handy.

Start with the Basics

Wicker Basket

Two colors, three sizes. Choose your weapon.

Paper Easter Grass

Make like you’re saving the planet and go green with your grass (or pink, or blue…)

Natural Egg Dye

The key with natural egg dyes is using white eggs (which you need to make a point to buy if you’re the type to buy natural egg dye)

Incredible, Inedible…Eggs!

Eggs to Fill

We like to deprive our children of fun, so we fill these with pretzels and crackers. And lemmetellya, they are thrilled all the same

Eggs to Shake

Who needs batteries when you have the energy of a 3 year old? Just give ’em something to shake already

Eggs to Make a Mess

Glitter! Neon! A 12-pack! Kick that budding artist outside with any of these wonderful options. Sidewalk chalk for the win

Throw in a Book and Pretend it’s Educational

Dot Markers Book

We’ve avoided markers as long as possible because we haven’t made it to “on the paper,” let alone “in the lines.” We’ll give them a little leeway this time

Connect the Dots

Old school connect the dots that don’t require markers, because who ever though that was a good idea to begin with?


Now we’re talking… let the kids paint and color with no writing utensils at all! Please give this inventor our finest regards

For When You’re Feeling a Little Extra

Bunny Ears

I don’t care how grumpy you are: bunny ears just make Easter cuter. And if your kids are “too old,” it means they’re old enough to be embarrassed when you wear them (which is even better, no?)

Muslin Kids Robe

A bit of a splurge for a kids robe, but they love putting their robes on after baths, and I know we’ll pass these down. Plus their old ones are so small, they look like Chris Farley in a little coat

Giant Playsilks

I don’t know how our kids find so much entertainment in these things, but I guess that’ll eventually happen when we refuse to turn on the TV for them. Parenting win, or child torture? You decide.

Adults are People, Too

Pastel Highlighters

Bougie Moms, Rejoice! ‘Tis the era of aesthetically pleasing highlighters!

Horizontal Parenting

You know this one has Dad Vibes all over it. Pair with a giant Reese’s Egg & some new socks and you’re all set

Adult Ad Libs

Save this one for after the kids go to bed, then wet yourself laughing while you try to remember what an “adverb” is




  • Suzie

    Hysterical…love this! Hope you all have a “hopping” Easter 🐰🩷💜

    • jack

      Thanks!! 🐰

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