What's Up This Week

What’s Up This Week? Plumbing is All Wrapped Up, We did NOT Burst a Sprinkler Pipe, and Final Drywall Repairs. PLUS: Saloon doors? Yes Please

Slow and steady over at Charlotte House this past week. Our contractors, Andrew and Dillon, and have been slashing to-dos off their list almost as quickly as we’ve been piling them on. We’re at the stage of a million little items needing to be addressed so we can wrap things up for painters, the electrician, and then final inspections. Some of what remains is more involved than others, but for the most part, it’s getting everything reassembled and in fully functioning order.

Jim and I spent some of the weekend digging a few things out of the walls before the final drywall patches get done. We had a mildly nail-biting situation trying to access the doorbell chime wire, which was directly next to a pressurized sprinkler pipe. All worked out in the end, and we documented the event on our Instagram stories – make sure to follow us there for our most current shenanigans.

What’s Been Happening

The plumber came back for his final round of adjustments and installs, including our pretty new pot filler. Every sink and drain in the house is now officially hooked up and working! Only water-related install that’s left is the washer and dryer, which can go in after paint.

We got a little more sass installed with the new saloon-style doors that separate the pantry area from the utility room. These are sold as bi-fold closet doors, but we had them tweaked to operate as dual-swing French doors instead. They help bring some pretty filtered light into an otherwise dark area, prevent us from blocking access to the electrical panel and door to a half bath, and have a fun Victorian-ish pattern on the glass that we think Charlotte appreciates.
Jim is very smitten with the new glass rinser we installed at the prep sink. I see a lot of very clean cups in our future.
Dillon is getting the new wooden handrail installed for the back Butler’s staircase. It will be low profile, sturdy, and have a space for some LED strips underneath

What’s Next…

  • The grand staircase has been at a standstill for the last couple of weeks following an over-staining by the painters. They’re supposed to be coming back to address the issue, as well as get the 2nd floor fully painted. They also said they’d be back last week too, so keep your fingers crossed for us
  • Jackie has been not-so-patiently awaiting construction on the sunroom off the kitchen, and it looks like we just might see some action there this week. Things are in pretty rough shape though, so we’ll have to see what the best course of action is once Andrew digs into things.
  • Jackie will also be on the hunt for new pendants for over the kitchen sinks. Since the new range hood exhaust was installed last week, we were finally able to get a good look at some of the fixtures together and decided that we want to go with some smaller lights in a couple of spots.
  • If he can find enough time away from his day job, Jim might start trying to install some speakers in the kitchen ceiling.
  • We’ve been having an issue with our newly installed heat pump, so we’re hoping to get handled within the next couple of weeks as well.



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