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How’s That New Bed Working Out? PLUS: It’s Time for Our Zipper Sheets & Hybrid Mattress Review

It’s been just over a month of sleeping on our new Primary Room bed. We went with a hybrid mattress and the zipper sheets we love, so let’s take a moment to review what we got, shall we?

The Old Setup – Troubleshooting Layout Concerns in the Bedroom

bedroom layout
This is the “Before,” which I didn’t dislike, but it was a Queen instead of a King size

Truth be told, I liked our old bed a lot. Jim made the Queen size wood bed frame himself (what a stud 😉) back at our old house, and I loved the way it looked in our new room here at Charlotte House. I’ve also always preferred Queen size beds over Kings… I used to think, Why bother sharing the bed with someone when you can’t even reach them?! 

But after so many pregnancies and the accompanying pillow fort I’d established, I finally realized that sharing a bed is way better if bumping into someone else is optional, not a requirement. I had also basically run out of room for Jim, because there was no way I was getting rid of all these pillows. Sorry, Jim.

Though I was finally mentally ready for a new, larger bed, my previous self had made that change a bit difficult. Our bedside sconces and light switches are built-in/wired for a Queen-size distance apart, and since they’re on a wall with a large mural, we can’t easily move and patch the electrical.

That meant we would need to make sure the new bed would be low enough to fit below the sconces, while also allowing access for the light switches. Jim and I also really wanted a headboard, which is something we never added to the last bed, but we didn’t want the new headboard to totally block the cool mural we have on the wall.

Yes, we’d like to have our cake and eat it too, thanks.

The Bed Frame – Finding a Bed Frame that Works

Well hey there, light switches… I see you peeking through back there…

It wasn’t easy to find a bedframe with a headboard that would also allow access to our light switches, but I found the perfect option at a really great price here.

Function will nearly always win out in my book, and it wasn’t easy to find an option I both liked the look of and could allow us to reach the light switches.  This frame absolutely works with the vibe of the space while remaining low enough to clear the sconces and let the mural really stand out behind it.

I originally came across the bed in the black color, which I think would make a great option here as well. By the time I went to buy it, however, the black was no longer being stocked, but the white option was on clearance. Since the shape and layout of the headboard was REALLY important for the function of the switches, I decided to roll with it and go with the white.

While I would have chosen the black if it were still an option, I can totally balance the lighter frame color with some darker bedding options, and figure that I can always attempt to paint the bedframe later if I’m desperate for a darker base.

The Mattress(es!) – The Search for a Better Mattress

hybrid mattress review with organic cotton cover
In this adventure, we discovered a little thing called a Hybrid Mattress (cue the “Ooos” and “Ahhs”)

From the start we knew we wanted to go with two Twin XL mattresses instead of a single King. Two Twin XLs take up the same size as a King, are easier to move when needed, and most importantly, will allow us to upgrade later to split adjustable bases, which we hope to do down the line.

We also wanted the option of having two mattresses of the same height but with different firmness levels. Jim was never a big fan of our previous mattress. He prefers a softer mattress than me, and the memory foam we had was too firm for his liking, even though you’d also sink into it if you stayed in one place too long.

If you hadn’t realized by now, Jim and I both like to spend a lot of time looking into things before we buy or commit to them. The mattress search was no different, and we discovered there’s such a thing as a Hybrid mattress. A Hybrid will contain both traditional bedsprings for support, as well as a large layer of foam for comfort.

We eventually landed on these mattresses, which contain individually wrapped coils (with stronger coils along the edge for stability) and can be flipped from one side to another for a firmer or softer bed feel. They also contain natural latex foam and are wrapped in an organic cotton and breathable wool cover, so we wouldn’t have to deal with the chemical off-gassing or overheating from synthetic foams & fibers.

The Verdict? Our Full Hybrid Mattress Review

hybrid mattress review after one month
The mattress fit for goldilocks herself… or Jim, as the case may be

Delivery was quick and easy, and each mattress came compressed in a single box. The boxes were heavy heavy, and I can’t imagine moving an actual king size one around without the help of a few strong hands around. They also threw two pillows in for free (NOTE: the Twin XL comes with a Standard/Queen size pillow, but I reached out before they were shipped and was upgraded to two King size pillows instead at no extra cost)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a bed with coil springs, and though it is definitely bouncier than a memory foam, it’s also way more supportive overall. We don’t overly sink into a single spot, and neither one of us has woken up with any hip or back pain since sleeping on them.

I also love that I don’t feel him tossing and turning at all overnight, and vice versa, since the two mattresses are completely separate. We love each other, but we’re also damn tired and don’t need to know every time someone rolls over at night.

Jim started with the soft side, but quickly realized that his issue with the last mattress had more to do with the nature of memory foam and not the firmness of the mattress itself. After two weeks, he decided to join the dark side and flip his mattress to the same side as mine after all.

Quite frankly, this has been one of the reasons I really like this mattress — instead of buyer’s remorse from having a mattress that was too soft, Jim had a second option built right in, and could switch from soft to firm after trying it out for any amount of time that worked for him. It’s not quite as customizable as a SleepNumber  mattress, but is a great alternative at a much more frugal price.

Overall, we’re super happy with them, and are considering getting another one for guest bedroom at some point.

(FYI, as noted, the mattresses contain natural latex and the covers contain wool, so you’ll want to keep those details in mind if you are allergic or vegan. Even with the wool, however, the mattress does not at all feel too hot!).

The Bedding – A Recommendation for Easy Zipper Sheets

quickzip zipper sheets review
Fear not: That zipper is no gimmick; it’s a bed maker’s dream

I’ll keep this short for now as we’re going to update our pillows and one of our blankets soon, but I did finally decided to take the plunge on our favorite zipper sheets and a new quilt for the Primary bed.

We originally bought these zipper sheets for the kids over a year ago, and I was so impressed with both the quality and the function that I decided to go ahead and order them for ourselves as well.

Now that the mattresses are here, we are so glad we got the zipper sheets, as changing the sheets with these heavy mattresses is not the kind of exercise I’m looking for. The sheets are so, so comfy, and they make sheet changes a walk in the park.

We went with two sets of Twin XLs in white percale, but they also have a Split King option that has a connected foot area but separate sections at the head, which would also be great for adjustable beds.

Not only do the zipper sheets make middle of the night changes easier with the kids, they are also great for anyone with joint or mobility issues, adjustable beds, or just a heavy mattress that makes sheet changes a pain.

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