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Why We Do All This

If there’s one thing we could not escape this year, it’s that Time is our most severly limited resource. That probably seems obvious given we’ve got so many young kids, but for some reason we keep acting as though we can knock through projects like we used to.

Just a couple’a dummies with unpainted window trim and an uninstalled bathtub, we are.

Regardless, we’ve made some progress over the last year, and sharing the journey with you fine folks on the interwebs has made it all the more enjoyable. 

I know that probably sounds like a b.s. thing that all social accounts on the internet say, but for real for real, I mean it, guys! Things at this old Fraternity house happen so rapidly and yet, simultaneously, soooo slowly, it can be hard to pause and take stock of exactly what the hell is going on around here.

This little online diary we’ve got going on has kept us moving, motivated, and absolutely entertained with utter nonsense along the way. The interactions we get with you guys are genuinely enjoyable, and it’s been a treat to see so many of you join us for it all.

One day, when I can breathe for more than five minutes without needing to attend to someone’s boo boo, bedtime quandry, or emotional meltdown (I’m looking at you, Jim), we’ll be able to look back over the pictures and stories we’ve created and share them with all these little humans that have been keeping us so busy while we slowly revive our dear Charlotte House.

Can you imagine getting to see and read your mom’s perspective on all the stuff that was going on when you were a kid, documented during all those moments of chaos and exhaustion? To hear direct from the horse’s mouth (or keyboard) just what on Earth she was thinking back then? Full paragraphs to print out and bring straight to the therapist’s office – such a time saver! 

It’s for the kids, you guys. The kids.

While I always wish there was more time to do extra follow-ups and summaries about what’s happening around here, just know that between baby snuggles, bedtime stories, and Sunday pancakes with whipped cream, we’ve been collecting an arsenal of house & home content that I can’t wait to share with you all. There are loads of pictures and goodies to come from this year, and some cool stuff I’m already super excited about for 2024, so THANK YOU all for being a part of it, and for allowing us a place to share our little slice of crazy with the world.

Still to Come…

Necessary(-ish) Things This YEAR


In a mug, in a martini, as an ice cube – we put our coffee maker to werk this year

Jack’s Favorite Sheets

I thought these might be a gimmick but HOLY MOLY these things are amazing

Jim’s Favorite Vacuum

We’re no stranger to vacuums, but this one stole Jim’s heart (and helps tackle lead dust!)



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