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How Our First ZOOM Call Went with Chris Loves Julia PLUS: What Julia Said About Our House!

Good news, folks: Julia Marcum is, in fact, a real live actual person who has interactive conversations with humans on the other side of a screen – she’s not actually an Instagram robot!

I thought our Zoom call might feel a bit like having my Instagram stories come to life and talk back to me (which sounds like the plot of a terrible –or amazing?– 80’s movie).

As it turned out, Julia was at her computer and the screen was in landscape mode. Instead of reading captions from the bottom of the screen with the sound off, I had to function like a normal person and communicate with her using spoken words, as though I was talking with any other normal human being.


What We Talked About

After first confirming the proper way to pronounce Lancaster (LanCASter? LANcaster? LancasTER?), we dove right into the nitty gritty of the space and how we use it.

First we did a basic tour of the room and what’s currently there, which is basically a collection of furniture that works “for now” that we sourced from Facebook Marketplace and various online sales.

We then went over our trouble spots, and some of the ideas we’ve talked about for the space. Despite a lack of renovation action in this room, Jim and I have had so many conversations about what we’d like to do with this room once we finally get to it. We just never expected that Chris Loves Julia (!) would get to it before we did.

After we reviewed the room itself, I gave her a brief tour through the first floor so she could understand the overall layout and style of the house. She also used the word “Stunning” when she saw the rest of the house.

TLDR: Julia Marcum just called our house stunning.


No big deal.


What’s Next

Before we ended things and I went back to acting like this kind of thing is normal in real life, we briefly talked about the general plan for things and what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

It’s not their first makeover for a room that’s not their own, but I think they usually work with people they know and spaces they can actually go see in person beforehand.

I don’t think that will have any impact on how incredible the space will look when all is said and done, but we may need to iron out a few details during the next few months as things pop up (e.g., Do we need any outside contractors? Should I inspect items as they arrive? Who will be pinching me to confirm this is all real? And do I owe them lunch?)

Now that we wrapped up some weekend birthday celebrations, we took measurements of the room (a big Thank You to whatever genius invented the Laser Measure) and sent the dimensions over to Julia.

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Necessary(-ish) Things This Week

Laser Measure

Never curse a tape measure again

The Big Leap

Not gonna lie, good things can be scary!




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