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Why We Celebrate Día de los Muertos

There’s one more important day for us at Charlotte House before we move onto those bigger holidays

The kids obviously love Halloween, but what we celebrate & decorate for at our house is Día de los Muertos / Día de los Inocentes

It’s not a holiday Jim or I grew up with, but we were really drawn to it after our first son passed away when he was an infant. We then lost our first daughter shortly after to medical issues when I was halfway through her pregnancy.

While many of our friends were sharing cute kid pics of costumes and candy bowls those first few years, we were desperately missing our kids and wishing we could be celebrating with them, too.

Day of the Dead has been such a huge part of our little family ever since, even as we have grown into a not-so-little family anymore

It isn’t always easy, but this holiday has given us a way to honor and remember the children we’ve lost with the ones that are still living, and to talk with them about our passed grandparents and loved ones.

We had a sick kid during Halloween so we got a little behind on our ofrenda, but we’ll be having a drink “with” Mommom and Poppop tonight and imagining all the love those babies are being smothered with from here and beyond.

Whether or not it’s a day you celebrate, I hope you get the chance today to remember someone who was, and always will, be very special to you <3

Necessary(-ish) Things This Week

marigold garland
Marigold Garland

Traditionally marigolds are used, but we got this faux garland to reuse each year

Día de los Muertos Kids Book

We love a good seasonal book, and we also watch The Book of Life each year with the kids

Sugar Skull Figures

This year’s new addition, we put these little cuties in the kitchen and are just smitten with them



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