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Our Living Room Makeover Has a Furniture Partner!

I could not be more excited to share that in support of our living room makeover giveaway with Chris Loves Julia, we’re partnering with an incredible furniture company to help make our functional space & seating dreams a reality.

After finding them online and feeling so super impressed with their customization, upholstery, and style options, I decided to shoot my shot and reach out to see if they’d be interested in working with us on this project.

And omg, my friends, Room & Board said yes!

Not only do I love how cool their online customization tool is, they also have free design services to help you – whether you’re a décor lover who’s stuck on a design dilemma, or a self-described design bozo who can’t tell the difference between a Chenille or a Bouclé, let alone pronounce them. (p.s. for the latter group, those words are upholstery fabrics, and you can load up on free Room & Board swatches if you want to figure that fabric out. You’re welcome.)

Room & Board is also B Corp Certified, which means that they definitely do not suck as a company (do you know how hard it is to get that certification?!), plus they’re sustainability minded and make more than 90% of their products in the USA, often through partnerships with smaller, local craftspeople. (e.g., these goods are not cheap, imported, factory-made knockoffs)

I’m genuinely not kidding when I tell you how pumped I am to get to work with them, and I hope you’ll give them a click and a holler to support them for supporting us! (And by all means, tell ’em we sent ya ;))

So Here’s The Plan:

Using our Mood Board and layout conversation with Julia from CLJ as a jumping off point, we’ll be anchoring the living room with some absolutely gorgeous Room & Board pieces that I can’t wait to show you, as well as sourcing some secondhand and sale items as needed to fill in any gaps.

Our home entertainment electronics will graduate from projector-balanced-on-the-side-table, to an actual, real TV, with additional speakers to boot (We currently have only one speaker in the living room, and it’s on a wall across the room from the screen, literally like 15 feet away diagonally).

The windows are getting fixed up, curtains are being altered, lighting & electrical will be adjusted, and these poor miserable walls will finally have something more than primer on them.

We’ll also be snatching stuff from around our own house that we already love, and will tie it all together with a new rug and some art… and then we’re gonna throw five kids in there and see how it all holds up.

Want to see how it all goes?

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